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NYC tours

Visit with a local guide to see the real New York. Our award-winning NYC tours cover it all, from the Statue of Liberty to the High Line, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Broadway, and beyond.

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The best way to see New York

New York City has been called “the greatest city in the world,” and we agree. From the magic of the Statue of Liberty to the dim sum of Chinatown, there’s nothing quite like exploring the city with a local who knows this place better than anyone.

Touring NYC with us

ExperienceFirst was born in New York over a decade ago, and we offer tours no one else does in quite the same way. Here are just a few examples:

Convenient and immersive

Our tours give you convenience along with an immersive, authentic NYC experience. That means we have skip-the-line options, insider tips, and firsthand stories that bring to life some of the city’s best neighborhoods.

Bring your walking shoes. You’re about to discover the real New York.

NYC travel guides

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