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Super fun facts about the Louvre Museum

It is the biggest museum in the world housing over 380,000 pieces of art. With just 10% of that on display at any given time.   It was the former Kings Palace before the last…

Paris Fun Facts

Do you fancy yourself an expert on Parisian culture, facts, and history? Here is a fun list of some things that you might not have known about the city of love, but can impress all…

binocular attached to a balcony of eiffel metal structure

The Cradle of the City: Ile de la Cite

  Literally translated to “Island of the City” is the birthplace of Paris. The island of the city is an island located on the Seine, in the heart of Paris. It is considered the ancient…

catacomb skulls

3 Reasons to Visit the Paris Catacombs

The Catacombs of Paris are one of the most coolest sites Paris has to offer, and a visit to this magnificent city is made all the more exciting with this landmark on your list. Here,…

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