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Best Team Building Activities in LA

December 19, 2022
Best Team Building Activities in LA

With a lot of work being done remotely and work relationships moving into the virtual world, team building is more important than ever. There are a lot of activities, some new and some that have been around for a while, that have become popular for boosting morale and bonding over the past few years.

Here are some fun ideas for team-building activities in LA.

1. Take a group cooking class

Eating brings people together. It’s even better if they cook the food together beforehand. Impastiamo offers fun cooking classes, both in-person and online, with chefs around the world. They do cooking classes at various locations in LA and can also come to the office to host one there.

2. Take a group hike in Griffith Park

Group hike in Griffith Park

Group hikes allow people to spend a lot of time together as a team. You get to enjoy beautiful views, chat, and get a workout in — all at the same time. 

One of the most popular places to hike in Los Angeles is, of course, Griffith Park. Our hiking tour takes you through the multimillion-dollar homes surrounding the park and brings you to view the iconic Hollywood Sign, before visiting the Griffith Observatory.

3. Test your puzzle-solving skills at an escape room

What better way to create a connection with colleagues than being thrown into a locked room together and having to solve your way out? Great for smaller teams, Escape Room LA can accommodate 8-9 participants in each game, and there is a large lobby that can be used for socializing after. For those who want to be more active outside, they also hold outdoor games that can have 2-5 participants per team.

4. Sample DTA’s best food and culture

Downtown LA food tour

Exploring the history and culture of a part of your city, especially while enjoying delicious food, is a great way to bond with colleagues. The downtown LA food and culture tour brings people to explore world-class food halls with diverse cuisines, historic landmarks, and some impressive architecture nearby.

5. Learn pottery making

Pottery making

A pottery class is a good way to get your hands dirty and learn new skills as a team. Learn wheel throwing and create something fun (perhaps something to decorate your desk with) with a private pottery class for your team. POT Studio is owned and operated by people of color and offers an all-inclusive space, prioritizing people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

6. Paint together while sipping wine

Paint and sip

It’s always fun to see what creative talents your teammates have, and some of that might come out during a paint night activity, especially combined with a glass of wine. Paint & Sip Studio LA is a traveling and online paint and sip studio. They can bring the activity to the office or wherever the customer wants it held. They’ll do the setup and cleanup — you just need to supply your own drinks and food.

7. Go on a scavenger hunt

Watson Adventures has designed scavenger hunts around many Los Angeles neighborhoods. Choose one that’s near your office or convenient for your team. The hunt is a fun way to explore lesser-known parts of LA while engaging in funny games and solving puzzles and trivia.

8. Test your skills at ax throwing

Practice your aim and let out some of that aggression all at once with ax throwing. Ax throwing is one of those activities that only recently became popular. An ax-throwing competition is a fun and friendly way for a team to interact. LA AX has both indoor and outdoor targets. They also have lawn games and beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages for sale.

They also allow you to bring in or order food. Turn your event into a lunch or dinner party while you’re at it.

9. Go bowling

Bowling has been a fun group activity for a long time. In fact, Highland Park Bowl was first established in 1927. However, LA’s oldest bowling alley has recently gotten a major revamp, and it’s actually one of the coolest spots to bowl in town. 

The bowling alley restored the original interior and exterior and refurbished the bowling lanes themselves. Plus, they serve nice cocktails, beers on draft, and pizzas to share.

10. Compete at a go-kart competition

Find out who the speed demon in the group is with a go-kart competition. K1 Speed has over 60 go-karting locations around the country, including five around the greater Los Angeles area. 

They’ve done plenty of team-building activities for various companies in LA and have the system down. You’ll find multiple challenges for teams from racing to pit crew challenges.

11. Enjoy thrills and chills in Hollywood

Hollywood True Crime Tour

Although not everyone believes in ghost stories, they always work as conversation starters. Most also find the history behind some of these legends fascinating. Bring your crew on a tour of Hollywood with a taste of the dark tales from this famous neighborhood. You’ll visit and hear another side of famous landmarks during the tour.

12. Test your knowledge at a trivia night

Brain-busting trivia is one way to get to know what your teammates are interested in outside of work, and what kind of factoids they keep in their heads.

Roguelike Tavern hosts trivia nights on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. It’s a fun place for trivia night since the bar itself focuses on entertainment. The winner gets a $50 bar tab toward their next visit. There’s also a large food and drink menu to keep everyone fed and hydrated.

13. Compete at guacamole-making


One group cooking competition a team can do without having access to a full kitchen is a guacamole-making competition. This team-building activity from Cozymeal can be done in-office with team members selecting their own ingredients and mixing their own guacamole. 

Cozymeal also provides non-alcoholic sangria and a taco station so everyone can enjoy the fresh guacamole afterward.

14. Take a yoga class with goats

A yoga session not only loosens the muscles but relaxes the mind. Some yoga classes may also lead to a lot of laughter. Laughing Frog Yoga holds goat yoga classes that make them even more fun. They offer private yoga events for corporations, which can be held at various locations, both indoors and outdoors. This activity is sure to be the talk of the office for a while.

Choosing the right team-bonding activities in LA

Whether it’s a small team or the whole company, building cohesion is more critical than ever, especially in today’s world of work. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun team-building activities right here in Los Angeles.

Look for activities your team would enjoy and that can accommodate the size of your group. You also need to take into account how much time you have, usually ranging a tight hour to fit busy schedules or the greater part of the day, if you can swing it. Budget is a factor too  — though most places will offer group discounts, so be sure to ask.

Remember the most important thing is that you do something collaborative that lets you get to know each other and grow as a team.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about corporate group tours in Los Angeles especially designed for team building.

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