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Real Radio in Paris

May 13, 2020

If you haven’t yet played in the yet, please take a moment lifetime to get familiar with one of the coolest sites (with an available app) ever created. You can sonically travel the planet listening to the best, worst, weirdest, strangest, newest and oldest electronic, pop, alt, noise, rock, comedy, chatter, jazz, classical, space-age, punk, rock, everything-else-known-to-the-human-race being played on earth.

American Top 40 is really the leader when it comes to popular music heard around the world and most radio stations that you can tune-into in the car offer a rotating playlist of the same songs over and over, no matter where you are. It is incredibly refreshing to be able to access truly global sounds from any location and Radio.Garden offers you the world on a platter on your speaker.

Before you leave on your adventure in audio, make sure you land in Paris and give some of these stations a listen. They run the gamut from that was then to this is now, and everything in-between. Some are strictly music, others are talk-centric. There’s even a stand-up comedy station (it’ll make you laugh even if you have no clue what is being said).

There are hundreds of stations just in the Paris area alone so you’ll be busy for a while. There’s even a station inspired by the old Montmartre and it’ll definitely get you into a Parisian mood.

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Give your speaker something cool to play

These are just a fraction of your channel-choices;

  • Beur FM
  • Bob Sinclair Radio
  • Chante France
  • Cherie FM Frenchy
  • France Culture
  • GBH Music
  • Hotel Radio Paris
  • agnes b. radio
  • Le Mellotron
  • M Radio Touch
  • New Morning Radio
  • Nostalgie Chanson Françaises
  • Classic Rap FR
  • NRJ French Hits
  • NRJ Made in France
  • NRJ RnB FR
  • Radio Montmartre
  • Rire et Chansons Stand up

Bon voyage!