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Fun with Frenglish 1st Edition

May 12, 2020

Since tourism is huge in Paris, effective communication is extremely important. Making things crystal clear is imperative and totally concise happens 100% of the time on all menus, shop signs and advertisements. There are absolutely, positively no misunderstandings and everyone is always on the same page.

🤣 Le tire 🤨 La dérision 😳 La méprise

There are so many gems of Frenglish to be found here in Paris that this will be a series of confusing, mind-twisting, head-scratching, and often hilarious chronicles of getting the French point across to English-speaking visitors. As confusing as it can be just trying to understand French when it is correct, when it is a WTHIF??? (What The Heck In French) it can truly be a ROTFF moment.

Laissez la tête se gratter commencer.

Though I wouldn’t recommend skimping on your comestibles when you’re having a Parisian experience,  if you’re in a hurry and want to try some Parisian fast food, make sure you are prepared for a showdown at sundown…

Hold-Up Menu from Buffalo Grill in Paris with strange traslation of Beech Grounded Steak
Nobody move…this is a hold-up! Gimme all your Beech Grounded Steak…and a Tab Skewer for dessert.

This old-school repository at Place des Vosges knows how to make Americans’ mouth water. Or maybe that’s the nightly entertainment?

Ladies & Gentlmen, put your hands together for a true headliner.

This one is a menu of Frenglish head-scratching. At least its all carefully selected and cracked…

So tired of those gossipy Angus Bass, wherever they are.

Have you encountered any Frenglish funny during your travels? Share your photos and stories of confusion, confounding and French language 🤡 kerfuffles with us.