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Chip Game Strong

May 12, 2020
Potato crisps

Paris has cornered the market on innovative chip flavors.

The crisps shelves are packed with so many different savory flavors of snacking chip options, it’ll make your head spin. Just standing in front of a well-stocked snack section is a fun adventure on its own and a trip to the typical grocery store can give the curious traveler an entire afternoon of mouth-watering family fun.

Here is a feature of fun potato flavors.

Tastes like chicken. Roasted.
So does this one. Braised.

It’s no secret that cheese is huge in France. Not only can you find dozens and dozens of types of cheeses in any typical grocery store, but you can also find a fromagerie on just about every block on every rue in every district in every arrondissement in the city. There are also cheesemongers at outdoor food markets and market stalls so no surprise that you’ll spy these cheesy treats in the chip section…

Jura is a region of France with a particularly strong cheese specialty. These are delicious with bubbly too.
Try these with a good, crispy white wine on your next Parisian picnic.

Parisians may pretend they’re indifferent about Americans, but truth be told, Parisians devour American culture. And quintessentially American foods are incredibly edible for most Parisians. Try these with an ice-cold brew…

Get that ketchup ready for dipping.

And not to be outdone, a little Italy in a bag. Grab a bottle of Chianti and head outside for a quick-n-dirty snack sensation…

Pass the parmesan please.

A line may have to be drawn at ready-to-microwave hot dogs in boxes but go ahead and get into these fun bags.