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Art in the ’eme

May 19, 2020
Wonder Woman as a nurse

Street Art in Paris is an ever-changing outdoor display of what’s happening in the minds and spirit of Parisians. The political, cultural, social and psychological mood of the city and its people is reflected in the pop-up pieces, created by ultra-local artists, that appear in every district.

One wonderful aspect of a promenade in Paris, is that at any moment, you can walk around a corner that you walked around the day before, and BAM! There’s a big, colorful mural that may bring a smile, elicit some deep thought, or both. Then the day after that, there’s another one right next to it as an answer piece or an homage or a call-out.

Some of the most exciting pieces are temporary, as they are created on paper then glued to walls all over Paris., The feeling is a bit like each corner is its own museum or gallery with a revolving display of exciting art.

Take this amazing Shout-Out to women healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 epidemic…

Wonder Woman as a nurse
A shout out to Soignants…and women.

Le Petite Prince can be found all over the city. People love to add his presence and further cement his presence in French literary culture.

Oh yes, and #govegan too in this case.

The Little Prince
A perennial favorite in French culture…The Little Prince

Many of the street art displays are truly eye-catching works. Bright and funky, whimsical and wonderful.

Surreal mosaic street art piece of an exaggerated female character in black and white with yellow background

Does this bring back memories? A little old-school American Rap homage..with creep factor.

Run DMC wearing black fedoras in a street art piece
American music culture reigns in Paris