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Paris Promenade; Mid-May Edition

May 17, 2020
A snail creeps up a wall

Enjoying a stroll in Paris is all at once a relaxing, stimulating, thought-provoking, and enlightening experience. Even though most Parisians move around the city at a frenetic pace à pied (by feet) à vèlo (on a bike) and crammed into le métro, they still take exceptional pleasure in the act of La Promenade. 

Because Paris really is a pretty compact metro area, it is possible to cover quite a bit of ground in just a few hours. But if there’s time, it is so worthwhile to wend your way up and down the small, crooked passages and take a peek down une rue pavée to see what might be beckoning.

Enjoy a few springtime scenes as you take a virtual promenade through Paris…

Plants, flowers and vines growing in window boxes on a Parisian apartment
In a city of stone and iron, Parisians love to create scenes with greenery in their windows.

Paris has many well-known food streets and rue Mouffetard is one of them. On rue Mouffetard, you can find seafood shops, cheese shops, boucheries, bars, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and the happiest wine shop guy around…

Smiling man with arms in the air on rue Mouffetard in Paris
Be happy…you’re strolling on rue Mouffetard!

Every corner promises something to enjoy. Sometimes it’s an adorable boutique, sometimes it’s street art, and sometimes it’s nature in its colorful splendor…

Blooming purple wisteria hanging in front of a fence in Montmartre in Paris
In springtime, the Paris air is filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers

Let’s check-out another scene on rue Mouffetard. Don’t you love it when less isn’t more?

An old, very decorated storefront on rue Mouffetard
Simplicity isn’t always best

It’s the time of the season that means buds and branches erupting with life. Soon the leaves will obscure the view, but for now, let’s take a peek at a Montmartre tower…

An old stone windmill in Montmartre
Take a peek while you can

Old vines surrounding old windows. Charming, natural settings. Pops of color to delight. So very Parisian.

Lots of green plants and vines around a window in Paris
Bringing nature into your view is very much the Parisian way

A dramatic spring storm brings all Parisians out to enjoy the ‘after’.

A snail creeps up a wall
Everyone loves to get out and about after a rainshower