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Rodin Museum

May 12, 2020
The Thinker
Outside the Rodin museum here is The Thinker.

Paris is known for its many beautiful art museums and the many historic artists who roamed the Parisian streets. Auguste Rodin is a highly notable one of them, with famous works, The Thinker and The Gates of Hell, which can be seen outside in the sculpture garden.

The Gates of Hell
Outside the Rodin Museum here are the Gates of Hell by Rodin.

You can visit some of Rodin’s famous sculptures at the Musée Rodin, right in Paris at the Hotel Biron. This museum opened in 1919 and offers access to the largest collection of Rodin’s pieces. Spanning a large 3 hectares, its sculpture garden is absolutely gorgeous and welcomes over 700,000 visitors each year from around the world.

Recently renovated, you will find many exciting sculptures, some never before seen, inside! The spirit of the Hotel Biron and Rodin’s works are kept alive by creating a feeling of a private resident. So, each room has one large featured sculpture that is central along with surrounding pieces. You can even see into each room, allowing for the flow of tourists to move smoothly and make your experience worthwhile.

While you’re there, make sure to go into the Rodin Café!