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How to Stalk Paris Fashion Week

May 8, 2020

Paris is infested with the world’s most talented, glamorous, and famous designers and models, along with a rich history of fashion weeks.

This highly anticipated week is usually held in late February to early March and showcases designs to fashion buyers from around the world who are looking to gather the style-trends for Autumn and Winter season. It’s also the last week in a 6-week dash around the globe, showcasing also in locations like New York City, Milan, and London.

Here are some ways you can get in on the fun and know ahead of time where to spot the exclusive shows, even from outside, without an invitation! Fashion week locations are known to move around the city, sometimes at Grand Palais, the Louvre, and Trocadero.

  1. Department Store Fashion

All you have to do is go shopping and you’ll find yourself in the full motion of the free fashion shows, which are open to the public at Galaries LaFayette and Printemps.

  1. Musée du Louvre

Though, strict access is granted to only fashion professionals, Fashion Week is held at the Carousel du Louvre, under the Louvre museum. Though this event is not open to the public, you may run into some famous people in the museum on your tours! You never know!

  1. Les Tuileries

This is a good option to possibly see some fashion from outside the gates. At the exit of the Tuileries garden that faces Place Vendome, there are huge, long tents that, although heavily guarded, are mostly open in parts by those inside to reveal designs and professionals showcasing work.

  1. Trocadero

This past year, Fashion Week constructed a whole new building, garnished with mirror plating along the outside. Normally the perfect place for photo-ops, this is also sometimes the perfect Fashion Week stake-out.

  1. Le Grand Palais

The main section of Grand Palais is normally closed to the public, except when the Hadid’s are in town! (And in winter, when you can happily ice-skate inside). This is definitely a strict area during Fashion Week, but again if you’re inclined it is the usual hub for Fashion Week shows.

Thank you so much for reading! And, if you want serious access to the fashion shows, there are ways to buy tickets to Paris Fashion Week online and opportunities for students.