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Activities in Montmartre

By Madeleine Munford
maison rose

Here is an extensive list of unique experiences you can have in Montmartre:

  1. Lapin Agile

Founded in 1860, this little intimate cabaret tucked away in Montmartre is a magical, French singing experience for you to come take advantage of. A pricey tourist attraction at about 36 euros to enter, which includes a drink, you can sing classic French tunes with local singers among fellow visitors.

  1. Climb to the top of Sacré-Coeur

The basilica is free to wander around inside from the front entrance but going to the top is a different story. You can enter by heading down the stairs to the left of the front entrance, or ask the guard letting people into the front where to find it. Once inside, you will go up tight, winding stairs to experience the beautiful, round about viewing experience of Paris.

  1. Visit La Maison Rose building

This is the most Instagram-able spot in Montmartre, so make sure to pose in front for a perfect Parisian portrait.

  1. Visit the statue coming out of the wall

In front of French writer, Marcel Aymé’s place, there’s a statue, known as “walker-through-walls” statue, built in 1989 by actor, Jean Marais. This piece of artwork was built to commemorate the work of the writer, referencing one of his most well-known pieces about a man who can walk through walls.

  1. Visit Salvador Dali museum

The Salvador Dali museum is a must-see if you’re interested in the artist, himself, or in very bizarre, surreal pieces. This is an eye-opening exhibit of the artist’s mind and showcases some of his best work right in Montmartre.

  1. Visit Montmartre museum

This museum is the perfect place to take in various artists’ work who famously painted, lived, and were highly inspired by the Montmartre area. Here, some of the artists you will discover works from, are Toulouse-Lautrec and Renoir.

  1. Get your portrait painted by the artists in the square

In the main square, Place du Tertre, located next to Sacré-Coeur, you have the opportunity to get your portrait painted by local Parisian artists or you can calmly watch them do their work from afar.

  1. Explore the street art

You will have the opportunity to take in the various street art dotting the Montmartre walls. Among these, is a mural of Édith Piaf and a series of “Je T’aime” with pink hearts that you will come to recognize on more Parisian streets, from now on.

  1. Take in the view of the Eiffel Tower

Instead of staying with the huge group on the Sacré-Coeur stairs for the general view of Paris, which is fantastic by the way, you can be in-the-know and head to the less-traveled (to the right, while facing the view) fenced-in corner, where the Eiffel tower is visible and picturesque.

  1. The Moulin Rouge

Founded in 1889, this famous cabaret is iconic for being the birthplace of the can-can dance, having artist Toulouse-Lautrec as a regular, and being the setting for story behind the movie, “Le Moulin Rouge,” starring Nicole Kidman. Today, it still entertains newcomers from around the world who are interested in the cabaret shows it has to offer.