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From the Screen to the Streets: Succession Tour Launches in NYC

September 17, 2023
Experience First Succession Tour

In HBO’s “Succession,” New York City isn’t led by celebrities or any governing body. Instead, the city that never sleeps is led by a powerful family of incredible wealth: the Roys. 

With patriarch Logan Roy at the helm, the family uses Manhattan as their playground, running their media conglomerate Waystar/Royco out of big shiny buildings, all while hurling insults and millions of dollars at their family members at every turn. In short, “Succession” is addictive TV, and it largely takes place in beautiful New York City.

Waystar/Royco may not be real, and you might not see Shiv shopping at The Row on the Upper East Side next time you’re ready to drop a cool $10K on some quiet luxury wardrobe pieces, but you can see some of the sights from the show with our Unofficial Succession Tour. This tour will show you some recognizable spots from the HBO show and show you behind the scenes of the power players in New York City past and present. 

Read on for everything you need to know about experiencing “Succession” here in New York with our exclusive tour — plus find out how you can win a luxury NYC experience, including a helicopter ride over the city.

About the ‘Succession’ tour

Experience First Succession Tour

If you found yourself watching every episode of “Succession” with your heart racing while  Logan Roy’s car raced through New York City traffic to get him from his palatial apartment to Waystar/Royco headquarters and thought to yourself, “I want to be there,” now is your chance. 

Our “Succession” walking tour explores some of the best — and most memorable — filming locations from all four seasons of the show. From the various places used for Waystar/Royco to a few of the different residences, this tour takes you through downtown Manhattan and into the world of the Emmy Award-winning show.

Experience First Succession Tour

Feel like a Waystar/Royco employee on par with Cousin Greg at Chase Plaza and 4WTC — two of the filming locations for the media company’s headquarters — and see where the rich and sometimes famous await their private helicopters at the Downtown Heliport. 

As for those fancy homes, you’ll see a few of those, too. The Woolworth Building, home of Rava Roy (Kendall’s estranged wife), and the Four Seasons Private Residences, one of Kendall’s homes, are both in downtown Manhattan and on this tour. 

And of course we’ll visit Battery Park, famous from the closing shot of the show.

Here’s that scene, sort of a spoiler but not really because there’s no talking, just that moody instrumental theme song.

Since this is the spot where Kendall took his final hypothetical bow, it’s the perfect ending to our tour. If you’re looking for more to see and do in New York, just ask your guide! All our New York guides are locals and experts on their cities, so we’re happy to share insider tips.

Throughout the tour, your guide will share stories about old and new money in New York City — much like the Pierces vs. the Roys — politics over the years, how the elite power the world today, and the daily luxuries of the ultra-privileged. What you saw on “Succession” is only the beginning of what you can learn about this fascinating world.

Come explore Manhattan with us and you’ll see what we mean!

What the pros say about our ‘Succession’ tour

Experience First Succession Tour

But of course we think our tour is amazing! What do the travel pros have to say?

Entrepreneur praised how the tour reveals “that tension with several locations that are more than they might seem at a glance, surrounded by stories that reveal just how different life is for the wealthiest among us.” Meanwhile, Thrillist is proud to say New York finally has a tour for all of us slime puppies (if you know, you know), and Travel Agent Central said we took the story to a new level. Thanks! We think so too.

But if you’re a “Succession” fan, we want to hear what you think after taking our tour. Because you know… we here for you. (If that line still makes you laugh, you’ll love the fun piece of swag we have for our guests.)

‘Succession’ lives on

“Succession” may have ended, but you can relive the glamor and drama in the real Manhattan with the tour that travel pros and guests alike are already raving about. Step into the world of the Roys with us for part of your day in New York — you’ll be surprised what you find!

See you there? We can’t wait.