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Walk in the footsteps of History and learn the truth of this National Tragedy

“… ​ if anybody really wanted to shoot the President of the United States, it was not a very difficult  job – all one had to do was get in a high building…with a telescopic rifle…”  - John F Kennedy, comments to Kenneth O’Donnell, November 22, 1963

On this 60 minute tour you will walk the path that President John F Kennedy’s motorcade took as it rendezvoused with history. See the Texas Book Depository and hear the despicable tale of Lee Harvey Oswalds plot to kill the leader of the free world. You’ll stand on the Grassey Knoll and judge for yourself if Oswald was the sole perpetrator or if there was a second shooter part of a mass conspiracy. Hear the often untold story of Jackie Kennedy’s immense suffering after witnessing her husbands murder. How she suffered from undiagnosed PTSD and even wanted to take her own life! Combine your 60 minute tour with a ticket to the Sixth​ Floor Museum to complete this immersive experience.