Tour Product Development Executive

Help us create a million smiles

This is an amazingly fun job for the right person.  You get to create amazing tour products that will impact many people.  Are you driven to succeed, can think creatively and have a strong work ethic to see your ideas become reality?  Join us in our mission to help guests make the most of their visit by developing products, developing new lines of business, and increasing sales of our existing products.

About the Job

Reporting to the CEO, the Tour Product Development Executive will have responsibilities to grow the NYC market and that of neighboring cities.  You will be responsible for sourcing ideas and executing them.  You will work with different people and teams both internally and externally to bring this product to market.  You will manage partner relationships, create marketing assets, work with operations to ensure.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop profitable products and/or businesses by researching, exploring, testing, launching and maintaining
  • Research the market fit, pricing, costs and logistics
  • Establish necessary product, marketing and distribution partnerships
  • Provide marketing material
  • Project manage the launch by working with internal and external teams
  • Get the job done and help wherever necessary to ensure a high-quality product

Qualifications and Experience

  • Extensive experience in the activity tourism market especially in NYC or nearby cities
  • Successful track record in launching products or businesses
  • Demonstrated leadership skills to lead a cross functional team to complete a project
  • Demonstrated business development skill to create product, marketing, and distribution relationships

    Tour Product Development Executive