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Ellis Island in Numbers

January 12, 2018
Ellis Island
Ellis Island Registration Museum Exterior
Credit: NPS

1. Over 12 million immigrants entered the Unites States through the portal of Ellis Island.

2. Between 1880 and 1930, over 27 million people entered America. 44.44% of them came through Ellis Island.

3. The island is a total of 27.5 acres, but was originally just 3.3 acres.

4. Ellis Island remained open as an immigration center for 62 years, from 1892-1954.

5. Designated as the first Federal immigration station in 1890. 

Bird's Eye View of Ellis Island in 1905

6. The original immigration station lasted only 5 years, burning down in 1897.

7. The present Main Building cost about $1.5 million to construct.

8. Ellis Island processed an average of 5,000 people per day.

9. In 1907 alone, approximately 1.25 million immigrants were processed at Ellis Island in one year.

10. The all-time record for most immigrants processed in one day occurred on April 17, 1907- the total number was 11, 747. 

Ellis Island Immigrants

11. Only 2% of the immigrants at Ellis Island were refused entry into the country.

12. Each immigrant would answer a total of 29 questions for the legal inspector.

13. The doctors at Ellis Island were so experienced that they could perform a complete physical in only 6 seconds.

Abandoned Hospital Ellis Island

14. The restoration project to reopen Ellis Island cost a total of $160 million. 

15. Each year the Ellis Island Immigration Museum receives almost 2 million visitors.