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How to Get around Los Angeles Using Public Transportation

February 1, 2018

It’s your first time in Los Angeles and you don’t want to brave the car traffic on your own? Consider accessible public transportation instead!

Everyone knows LA suffers from congested streets and freeways. What most don’t realize is that the city has a lot to offer when it comes to public transportation. Instead of getting headaches while navigating via rental car, try the following (affordable) alternatives!

1. Metro Bike Share

The bike share Metro system is great for short rides around LA. Interested in biking through scenic neighborhoods like Pasadena, Venice, Long Beach, or Downtown? This is the option for you! These bike rentals are super easy to use. Simply buy a pass, get a bike, ride around, and give it back. The bikes are available at multiple station locations  24/7. To find out where the nearest station is to you, check out the app and prepare to see the city like a local!

2. Dash Downtown Bus

If you’re looking to explore the Downtown LA area without worrying about parking, take the Dash! The Dash is reliable bus service that operates through six downtown neighborhoods every few minutes and only costs 50 cents to ride. Exploring DTLA has never been so stress free!

3. Metro Bus

The Metro bus is the best choice when you want to feel like a local commuter and ride longer distances through the greater Los Angeles area. You can plan your ride ahead of time! The fare is only $1.75 each way and can be paid with exact change or a TAP card. Make sure you watch out for your stop and press the STOP button about 1 block away from your destination!

4. Metro Rail

The Metro Rail system is the most convenient way to get around the greater LA metro area to completely avoid car traffic. It includes 2 rapid subway lines and 4 light rail lines that connect to the bus systems. The fare is affordable and actually identical to the Metro Bus price – only $1.75 per ride! Make sure you hold on to the handrails and always check that you’re not leaving any items behind! Check out the maps and timetables here.

5. Carpooling

If you still want to experience that iconic LA car traffic, but are not willing to drive yourself… try carpooling! There are a few rideshare apps out there (i.e. Lyft & Uber) that will let you carpool with others for a cheaper fare than riding solo. Note that this is the most personal public transportation experience of all – so prepare to meet Angelenos on the way!