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Blog · New York · Touring Ellis Island with Guest Blogger Carol Cain
May 13, 2016

Touring Ellis Island with Guest Blogger Carol Cain

By Martha G
hard hat tour of ellis island
Ellis Island
JR’s “Unframed”

The Complicated History of Ellis Island – The Final Trial on the American Journey

A few weeks back, we invited travel blogger Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel to come explore the abandoned corners of Ellis Island on the Hard Hat tour. Her evocative post describing the ruins perfectly captures the feel on the island, where the crumbling buildings play host to an installation by artist JR.

“At first visit, you don’t know when to expect to see these images, reflections of the faces of struggle, sadness, fear, and hope. They take you aback, sometimes startle you, more often make you feel a sense of sadness.”

The rest of Carol’s post, containing her haunting images of Ellis, as well as her other wonderful travel essays, can be found at Girl Gone Travel.