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January 25, 2018

LA Tour Guide of the Month

By Martha G
Upon the year anniversary of launching LA Tour1 we wanted to take some time to reflect on what distinguishes us from other companies and makes our tours truly unforgettable. Is it the beautiful scenery? The compelling stories? The people watching and random celebrity sightings? Of course! It’s all of that, but really, what makes our tours exceptional are the amazing Guides and the passion they bring to each and every tour.
We want to recognize our Guides and their hard work by featuring them in our new Tour Guide of the Month blog. They bring Los Angeles to life for so many travelers and provide not only context but a friendly face to an otherwise overwhelming city.


Let me introduce our very first guide, Andrew Renslow! He joined LA Tour1 in February 2017 and has been working as a Driving and Hiking Tour Guide. Aside from the numerous 5-star quality tours he’s given, Andrew is also a professional actor and has a portfolio to view here:
We hit him up for a lil Q&A about his life in LA, check it out…

1) What’s your favorite spot in Los Angeles?

My Apartment. There are many great places in town but nothing beats home sweet home.

2) LA: What makes you a real Angeleno?

I’m from NW Indiana and after 8 years here in LA, 60° is freezing to me…60° is beach weather back where I’m from.

3) What are your 5 favorite restaurants/bars in the city?

4) What’s your favorite part of Guiding at LA Tour1?

I love road trips as well as introducing people to new experiences. It’s like watching my favorite tv program with someone who’s never seen it before, they make it brand new for me.

5) What’s your fave stop on our tours?

Venice Beach by far!