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Truly Hot Food Spots

By Tracy Whipple

There is a common misconception that eating in Paris is expensive. Just like almost anywhere, there are very high-end restaurants and poor values aplenty but maybe even more than any other city in Europe, finding classic cuisine as well as nouveau and adventurous chef-driven kitchens is a tasty task. With just a bit of research + common sense +  technology, you can have some truly tasty tripping in the City of Light Food.

Peruse this list to make it a quick study.

  • FIEFFait Ici En France is what the acronym stands for, which means Made Here In France. The concept behind Fief is to use only ingredients that come from as local an area as possible and its heavy on the veggie aspect of French agriculture. A seat at the counter puts the prep and composing of the night’s dishes front and center. Head Chef,  Victor Mercier, along with every  pained expression that flashes across his face. This is a man that puts everything he’s got into every plate he composes. When a tidbit of chou fleur topples off a teeny tiny mountain of tartare, he feels the trauma down to his soul.  Victor was on Top Chef and most definitely has a POV on not only where to buy your goods but how to go forward after this Covid-19 pandemic.
Victor Mercier’s veg driven, very local dishes at Fief.
  • If you are into food markets with your choice of delicious decisions, the higher-end food stalls at Marché des Enfants Rouges will absolutely please your senses. In one of the coolest neighborhoods in Paris, the market has a bit of everything you want in your mouth. The line at Chez Alain Miam Miam  may be a lit longer than you’d like, but thankfully the proprietor M. Alain is also a show you’ll enjoy watching. Plus, it’ll give you time to get excited seeing everyone get their goodies. Patience pays mes amis, when you are the recipient of a fat, colorful bouquet of a big bunch of fresh basil, cool greens, shaved cured meat and cheese, all wrapped up in a giant, lacy-edged buckwheat crepe (properly called a galette) and at €7 you’ll even have some dough leftover for the best baguettes in the land.
  • Don’t throw this bouquet.
    • To be fair, Automne isn’t cheap, but if you want to take a look into a Michelin-starred kitchen (and possibly even lick your screen) enjoy the delicious edible art being plated in the kitchen of this ultra-tiny restaurant. The service is stellar and the wine list well thought with some very approachable and interesting selections.
    Beet this dish.

    There are about a bazillion restaurants in the city and these are just a drop in the drop in the bucket. It’ll be a tough job, but more research is needed to uncover what there is to discover in the kitchens, at the counters and on the tables in one of the finest food cities anywhere in the world.