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Paris Fun Facts

Do you fancy yourself an expert on Parisian culture, facts, and history? Here is a fun list of some things that you might not have known about the city of love, but can impress all … Read More

Napoleon coming up short…

So we all know about the short guy with the big ego… Yep, that’s right, Napoleon Bonaparte. But what if I told you that he actually wasn’t short? I can’t deny the ego part but … Read More

New York’s First Island

Manhattan from Governor's Island

Officially recognized as the birthplace of the state of New York, Governor’s Island has arguably more history than any other street, neighborhood or borough in the city. Today it is home to an ever-evolving park … Read More

Alamo Square

Author: Ryan Semmelmayer Let’s think about the city of San Francisco, California for a moment. What comes to mind? My guess is immediately the most iconic landmark of them all, the Golden Gate Bridge. The … Read More

Ellis Island in Numbers

Ellis Island

1. Over 12 million immigrants entered the Unites States through the portal of Ellis Island. 2. Between 1880 and 1930, over 27 million people entered America. 44.44% of them came through Ellis Island. 3. The island is a total … Read More

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