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Alcatraz Penitentiary

4 of Alcatraz’s Most Notorious Inmates

The Alcatraz Penitentiary, or Alcatraz Island as it was popularly called, was a maximum-security federal prison that operated for nearly 30 years off the coast of San Francisco. The fort was previously used as the…

Top Free Museums to Visit While in LA

Los Angeles is famous for its marvelous variety of museums that are worth visiting while traveling to LA. Due to the vast numbers of museums, it might be quite tiring to visit them all. Along…

John F. Kennedy

9 Interesting Facts about JFK

The 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, better known as JFK, left a riveting and memorable legacy after his untimely death. Even decades after a bullet took his life, people are fascinated…

NYC’s Most Heavenly French Restaurants

What is the most common phrase you hear or see all-around social media (especially in Instagram posts with a hashtag) when we are talking about French food? It is most probably “French breakfast.” But the…

Top 5 Italian Restaurants in NYC

Italian cuisine has been developing for centuries, along with social and economic alterations. Although you might think of Pizza or Lasagna if you were asked to name a typical Italian dish, there are a lot…

Lesser-known Museums to visit in New York City

It is quite apparent that traveling to a new destination involves visiting various museums that reflect the cultural characteristics of a particular country or region. Luckily, there are dozens of captivating museums worldwide, and the…

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