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Blog · Paris · Bringing the Taste of France to You: Tips for Moelleux au Chocolat

Bringing the Taste of France to You: Tips for Moelleux au Chocolat

By Madeleine Munford

Ever heard of lava cake!? Well, the French culture has struck again with their tasty version. Introducing the moelleux au chocolat.

Honestly, in my Parisian kitchen, this treat is infamous for smelling delicious and then suddenly burning before you know it. So, here are a few facts and tips about the perfect moelleux au chocolat:

  1. You will know it’s finished baking when the edges start to get golden and separate from the pan, though the center may still be soft.
  2. The Moelleux will continue to cook even once out of the oven – the interior molten chocolate will thicken.
  3. This cake is known as fondant au chocolat and also biscuit de chocolat coolant.
  4. The moelleux au chocolat was created by chef Michel bras in 1981 after perfecting it for 2 years at his star restaurant Département.
  5. Moelleux au chocolat contains very little flour so the quality of the chocolate makes the cake!
  6. Moelleux au chocolat tastes best when served with vanilla ice cream!

You can find plenty of tasty moelleux au chocolat recipes online and I hope these tips and tricks help you bring the taste of France to your kitchen.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy the taste of France from the comfort of your very own kitchen.